• Go Multichannel

    The Omniprocure platform lets you expand your business quickly and easily by helping you list your products on Amazon (FBA) AND Ebay.

    • Sell from one place

      Create and manage your product catalogue from the Omniprocure platform.

    • Manage multiple accounts

      Connect multiple marketplace accounts, for example multiple Amazon (FBA) accounts from a single Omniprocure account.

    • Scale your operations

      Manage over 10,000+ orders per month, add over 50,000+ SKU’s using our all-in-one platform.

    • Pricing management

      Manage pricing, promotions across multiple channels on the go.

  • Power listing

    Publish a digital catalogue of your product list and make your products visible on multiple marketplaces using the POWERFUL Omniprocure listing feature.

    • Intuitive

      Easy set up and listing process that’s designed for simplicity.

    • Fast

      Monitor sales, change prices, descriptions, categories or business terms across channel in quick time from a single place.

    • One Click Listing

      Add a new channel or marketplace with a single click.

    • Bulk Listing

      Upload your product information directly from MS Excel or Google sheets.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    The Omniprocure Platform allows you to generate INSTANT reports that presents a snapshot of your business across multiple channels.

    • Quick Reports

      Get reports by specific marketplace.

    • Analytics

      Reports by SKU’s to identify top selling products.

    • Download Reports

      View reports online or export reports to MS Excel for in depth analysis.

    • Quick Inventory

      View the amount of shipped, ready to ship, need stock and cancelled orders at a glance.

  • Intelligent Platform

    The Omniprocure platform is REALLY easy to use and designed with first time users in mind.

    • Save time

      Save over 40% of your time by automating your sales operations using the Inter Procure multichannel sales platform.

    • Cost Effective

      Omniprocure provides the most cost-effective multichannel platform that starts making sense for business getting over 300 orders a month.

    • Flexible

      The platform is flexible to handle unique product listings including descriptions, images, pricing details among others.