The Procurement Module is an option for growing online retailers that are looking to automate their sourcing operations. This module provides functions to create purchase orders, task orders, Invoices and manage payments within the Omniprocure platform.

  • Simplified Supplier Management

    The Omniprocure platform lets you manage multiple sourcing partners from a single system.

    • Supplier Set Up

      Set up processes that allow suppliers to register and become a sourcing partner.

    • Set up Supplier work flow

      Create a supplier’s order acceptance, rejection and other terms and conditions. Customize on a per order level.

    • Get Quotes

      Share your requirements and get quotes from selected or all suppliers.

    • Generate Purchase Orders

      Use the system to generate Purchase Orders and accept Invoices from suppliers.

    • Track Delivery

      View the delivery status within the system. Set up custom processes to track partner performance.

  • Efficient Receivables Management

    The Omniprocure Platform allows you to enable automated direct and indirect supplier sourcing processes.

    • Auto-Order

      Set up system to auto-generate orders based on pre-set Inventory levels. Alternately provide a customized view of Inventory levels to suppliers to increase readiness across supply chain.

    • Invoice Management

      Manage Invoice aging. Set up alerts as necessary within the system.

    • Manage payments

      Set up notifications to alert on approaching outstanding payments. Send notifications to suppliers on status of all payments.