• Centralized Inventory

    The Omniprocure Inventory management module lets you take control of your stock levels and synchronizes it accurately over multiple marketplaces.

    • Set up your Inventory once on the Omniprocure platform to manage stock across.

    • Edit and manage stock levels centrally.

    • Link inventory across marketplaces so that as an item is sold on one marketplace, inventory levels are automatically updated across all your marketplaces.

    • Control inventory by setting minimum and maximum stock rules to avoid overselling across marketplaces.

  • Warehouse Management

    Growing businesses can utilize warehouse management features to track inventory across warehouse locations and shorted pick, pack and ship cycles.

    • Create and manage more than one warehouse as required with a single Omniprocure account.

    • Create and manage storage locations that are organized by aisle and bin locations just like your physical warehouse.

    • Monitor product quantity across warehouses.

    • View product costs item wise per warehouse.

    • Arrive at total inventory levels for selected products across warehouses.

  • Stock Management

    The platform allows you to manage product quantity across the business in a granular manner and provides extensive reports on Inventory levels as required

    • Set and control product quantity levels at a marketplace level.

    • Add, edit or reduce product quantities per marketplace as per business strategy.

    • Hide true stock level within the Inter procure account and set up alerts as required across marketplaces.

    • Ability to update quantity levels in bulk.

  • Vendor Management

    For online businesses looking to integrate their operations with their suppliers, the platform provides easy options to link vendors via the inventory management module.

    • Get automated quantity updates from vendors.

    • Manage inventory levels at a vendor level.

    • Link vendor such that vendor updates could be set to automatically populate appropriate warehouses or marketplaces.